saw my surgeon on a follow up a day or two ago, im doing great and my incisions are healing good. plus im able to go back to normal eating BUT gotta take it one step at a time. also been feeling artistic! 😀 will post comics and art here once i do more artistic stuff 😀


since having surgery last month on the 19th im feeling more productive again and back in action with everything! will start posting on here more often now 😀

weight loss and surgery

lately i’ve been on a diet as well as exercising alot! its been working and my weight finally went down alot 🙂 plus next month i will be having surgery to get my gallbladder out. reason why is its got lot of gallstones. will take a break from posting once the surgery comes that way i can recover 😀


will be taking a break once october 19th comes around since my surgery is on that day 🙂 will be taking a break from posting even after that til i recover 🙂 til than i will post here much as i can 😀


anywho heres what i drew today: